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Since I was a kid, I have always been intrigued by photography. How the physics of light and chemistry interact to freeze a moment in time. Yes, this is the origin and essence of photography.

I still remember my best Christmas present when I was ten years old. It was my first camera. A little red compact film camera that I used and treasured for years. I started shooting color film, but a few years later I learned to develop black and white film. I put together a little black and white lab in a small room in our house. I used to spend many hours in that lab developing film and making enlargements. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Photography has always been an important part of my life, it is a great form of art that I like to practice with everything else I love. From traveling, doing outdoor sports, learning about science and nature to just meeting people, I have always enjoyed using photography to capture the beauty of the moment.